The parade is held with marching bands, community organizations and community dignitaries. The Children’s Parade is held just prior to the main parade with a shorter route down Main Street. Children dress up in costumes, decorate their bicycles and/or wagons and walk down the street.

Parade Route

The Deutschen Pfest Parade route has changed slightly this year. The parade will start and end in front of Brookhollow Elementary School. Instead of turning west on Main St., the parade will turn on Wilbarger St. then make the loop around to Main St. Then it will turn back onto Railroad Ave. and end at Brookhollow Elementary School.

How it impacts spectators: you can now view the parade from Wilbarger St., and parade visibility may be limited from the east side of Railroad Ave., if the parade loops back across itself.

Children’s Parade


A shorter parade is offered for the children. Starting at 10 a.m. at the corner of Main Street and 3rd, the children’s parade will lead the main parade east down Main Street. Ribbons are given with awards for best German theme, most decorative wagon/bicycle, most creative entry, and youngest participant.

Area school classes, individuals and families are encouraged to participate. Be creative. We request that you not use motorized vehicles in the children’s parade.

Participants report to the grassy lot beside to Dr. Hassell’s office (200 W Main St) by 9:45 a.m. for judging. It is recommended you access 3rd Street from the south side (Pecan Street) as 3rd Street on the north side of Main Street will be closed for the main parade.

Children lead off the parade of floats by proceeding down the short strip of Main Street. Parents are welcome to join their child or wait at the end of the street. Come one, come all and keep Pflugerville traditions alive.

  • Starts: 10 am (to lead the main parade as it gets to Main Street)
  • Location: Corner of Main Street and 3rd Street (judging at 9:45 a.m. in the grassy lot beside Dr. Hassell’s office)

Thank you to Dr. Hassell DDS for sharing his space with the Deutschen Pfest Children’s Parade!


Deutschen Pfest Parade


The main Deutschen Pfest Parade starts in front of Brookhollow Elementary, travels down Railroad Avenue, turns on Wilbarger Street, then turns on 3rd Street, then onto Main Street and then back up Railroad Avenue. (This route is slightly changed this year, so make sure to check out our route map.) It’s a beautiful time of the year to get out with your neighborhood organization, church group or sports league, hear those high school bands and of course, check out those beautiful classic cars. Parade applications are now available here, so sign up early to guarantee your entry!

Parade Day Schedule

  • Check-in: 8:45 a.m.
  • Judging: 9:45 a.m.
  • Start: 10:45 a.m.

Parade Rules & Reminders

Floats, trailers and pick-up trucks that are used for carrying parade participants must operate in a safe manner. If children are riding on any part of the parade vehicle, adult supervision is required. Adults must be in the same location as the children (i.e. if the children are on the trailer or truck bed, adults must ride with them on the trailer or in the truck bed).

If you intend to throw candy from your parade entry, please throw it at the feet of the spectators, and away from the float.

18-wheelers/tractor-trailers are not allowed in the parade.

Please note that for your safety and the flow of the parade, groups may not stop and perform in the middle of the parade, but must keep moving with the flow of traffic.

Parade Staging

The parade is approximately 1.3 miles long from the start point to the end. The parade will start in front of Brookhollow Elementary School. The parade lineup and staging areas will be on Railroad Avenue facing south.

Parade participants will line-up in several lines first come, first served. All participants should enter the parade staging area from the north down Railroad Avenue from Pflugerville Parkway. Railroad Avenue south of Pfennig Lane will close at 10:15 am. It is recommended that large trailers and floats load in the grassy area at the southeast corner of Railroad Avenue and Pfennig Lane. Bands will line-up at Brookhollow Elementary.

Please note the staging area has changed from last year’s parade. If you participate in the Christmas Parade in December, this is the same line-up. If you are going to be judged for an award, please be in place at 9:45 am. If you arrive after 9:45 am you may not be included in the award judging.

Parking/Road Closures

Railroad Avenue south of Goodspeed Parkway will be closed except for parade traffic. Pfennig Lane will remain open to allow access to the Parkcrest neighborhood. Participants can park at Brookhollow Elementary School or Parkcrest Middle School. It is strongly suggested that walkers be dropped off at Parkcrest Middle School.

NO PARKING will be allowed in the parade line-up area. You can drop off parade participants, but the vehicles must be moved out of the line-up area.

Please assign one person from your group to check-in for the group. Plan for your group to meet in one location, or in the parade line-up.

Parade Route

The Deutschen Pfest parade route will change slightly this year to accommodate our growing number of participants safely (see map to the right).

The parade will begin in front of Brookhollow Elementary school and head south on Railroad Avenue as it has in the past. However, instead of turning on Main Street, the parade will turn right on Wilbarger Street, then head three blocks down and turn left on 3rd Street, and then left on Main Street. This will make the parade run “backwards” through downtown. The parade will then turn left at the end of Main Street and head back down Railroad Avenue and end in the parade line-up area. This may cause some parade overlap on Railroad Avenue.

All parade participants can then be picked up where they were dropped off. No parade entries will be allowed to leave the parade early.

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