How to Apply

The 2020 Deutschen Pfest is canceled. Stay tuned for details on 2021 vendor applications. Deutschen Pfest is a three-day event. Vendors must remain set up during the entire period of the event and may not break down booths until 5 pm on Sunday. Any vendor breaking down their booth before 5 pm on Sunday will not be invited back to the Pfest. If you have any questions, contact

The City of Pflugerville reserves the right to refuse vendor participation for any reason at any time.

All items being sold at booths must be approved by the committee. No alcohol or glass containers are allowed. Once you are accepted you will receive follow up information and a link to pay online via CommunityPass for your booth fee and temporary food permit.

Fees per booth

Early Bird






Temporary Food Permit


Electricity (120V)


Electricity (220V)

(Limited first come, first served)


Electricity is optional. Electric Fee is per booth space/per outlet. If purchasing two or more booths you must pay for electricity for each booth. 220V power is available in a limited number of booth locations. The charge for 220V is $50.00 per booth instead of $25.00.

Vehicles & Parking

Parking around the pfest is limited, and vendors must use designated parking. Vendors may use a wagon or cart to unload items, city staff & committee members are not available to help transport equipment.

Equipment & Electricity

Each vendor is responsible for providing their own table, chairs, tent, 150’ extension cord (if electricity was purchased) and all supplies. Only one plug per vendor and one extension cord. No exceptions. All boxes and trash must be taken by vendor to the dumpster located in the parking lot, do not use park trash cans. All equipment brought in by vendors must be taken after breakdown of the event.

Sales Tax

All vendors are responsible for collecting and reporting 8.25% sales tax collected in Pflugerville. Sales Tax Permits can be acquired through the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts office at the following website

Booth Area

Please keep supplies, display and equipment inside the booth space. Vendors are not allowed to walk the festival and sell items.  All items being sold must have been approved in the original vendor application. All raffles must be approved by the booth committee. Any novelty items deemed inappropriate for juvenile sales will not be permitted at the festival. Any offensive or inappropriate pre-printed items on tee shirts, koozies, hats etc. will not be permitted. No tobacco products may be sold or distributed. Any item deemed a safety issue will not be permitted to be sold. No items with the words “Deutschen Pfest” or similar on them may be sold without prior written consent.

Temporary Food Permit

Temporary Food Permits will now be filled with Austin Public Health. Temporary Food permits will be $114 per booth for the 3-day event. Once approved by the committee you will receive a copy of the temporary food permit and a link to pay this fee along with your booth fee. To review city of Austin food permitting requirements visit:


Please plan for all types of weather, including wind and rain. Provide weights for tarps or your tents. The event is not canceled if it rains and no booth fees will be refunded.

Payment for programs offered by the City of Pflugerville’s Parks and Recreation Department is available online via the CommunityPass registration system. We encourage all vendors to create their CommunityPass account now. This is how payment transactions for booth fees will be handled.

Please note: This will only be done once you have received an accepted, wait-listed or denied email, with specific instructions on payment.

If you already have an existing Community Pass account with another organization, please follow these steps to register that account with the City of Pflugerville:

  1. Click here to go to the Pflugerville Parks and Recreation CommunityPass site, and login using the username and password for your existing Family account.
  2. From the CommunityPass homepage, click on the My Account tab, select Update Account Information (if required, also update your profile). If no changes are required, continue to Step 3.
  3. On the upper right-hand side of your CommunityPass account, click on the Log Out of Community Pass tab.  That’s it!  Your account is now active with the City of Pflugerville Parks and Recreation.

How to Create a Family Account:

  1. Click here to go to the Pflugerville Parks and Recreation CommunityPass site, and login to Community Pass using the login and password for your existing Family account.
  2. CommunityPass login homepage click on the Create an Account tab.
  3. On the next page complete the Account Creation fields and click on Create at the bottom of the page. 
  4. On the next page you will see the CommunityPass Privacy Statement. After reading, click Accept, and then click Finish.    

Please note that only one account per family is permitted. If you have any questions or require any additional information please contact:

Kaitlyn Neal
Special Events Coordinator
(512) 990-6113