The Deutschen Pfest coloring contest awards were given at Spare Time on Monday, May 9. Congratulations to all the contest winners who received free game play at Spare Time and will be in the Deutschen Pfest parade on May 21.

The overall winner and mayor for a day was Philomena Bartlett.

Prizes were given for ages 4 years and under, 5 -6 years and 7-8.

Coloring contest entries
Coloring contest winners.

4 and under
First Place : Eden Moore
Second Place: Kendal Rhodes
Third Place: Caitlin Mathaes
Fourth place: Lekha Subbaiah

5-6 Years
First place: Leilani Dockery
Second place: Kanishk Kobbajji
Third place: Brendan Valenzuela
Fourth place: Dylan Harper

7-8 years
First place: Madelyn Sapielak
Second place: Tyson Le
Third place: Molly McDonough

Congratulations to all the winners and participants in the coloring contest.